Month: February 2023

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AMD-HookNet for Glacier Front Segmentation

This article discusses the importance of tracking changes in glacier calving front positions as a means of assessing glacier status. Remote sensing imagery is a valuable tool for this purpose, but manual monitoring for all global calving glaciers is impractical due to time constraints. The article introduces a novel framework called AMD-HookNet, designed for the segmentation of glacier calving fronts in synthetic aperture radar (SAR) images. AMD-HookNet enhances feature representation by leveraging an attention mechanism and interactions between low-resolution and high-resolution inputs. The experiments conducted on a benchmark dataset demonstrate that AMD-HookNet outperforms the current state of the art by achieving a mean distance error of 438 meters to the ground truth, confirming its effectiveness.


A Tutorial on the Sequential Sampling Impulse Radar Concept and Selected Applications

The concept of the sequential sampling is well known and still widely used in industrial automation radar applications due to its hardware simplicity, low cost and low power consumption. However, there is only a limited amount of publications that describe this concept and its variants in detail. This tutorial introduces the typical sequential sampling impulse radar concept step by step and presents several key characteristics, such as correlation properties and SNR considerations. In addition to the system theory, selected applications are presented to illustrate the attractiveness and elegance, but also the limits of this radar concept. The shown applications range from those in industrial automation to radar concepts in the areas of automotive radar, security scanners, biomedical radar systems and ground penetrating radar. The latter application is among others including the analysis of glaciers, e.g. to determine the ice thickness and stratification in order to provide a better understanding of the glacier and its behavior in a changing climate.

The corresponding paper can be found here:

A Tutorial on the Sequential Sampling Impulse Radar Concept and Selected Applications