Welcome to the International Doctorate Program:


The International Doctorate Program (IDP) “Measuring and Modelling Mountain glaciers and ice caps in a Changing ClimAte (M³OCCA)” will substantially contribute to improving our observation and measurement capabilities of mountain glaciers and ice caps by creating a unique inter- and trans-disciplinary research and training platform. IDP is a collaboration of scientists from geography, geology, geophysics, computer sciences, electrical engineering and mathematics. Thematically, we will address main uncertainties of current measurements in glaciology and permafrost by developing new instruments and future analysis techniques as well as by considerably advancing geophysical models. IDP will have a strong component of evolving techniques in the field of deep learning and artificial intelligence (AI) as the data flow from Earth Observation (EO) into modelling increases exponentially. Within the IDP we combine cutting edge technologies with climate research. We will develop future technologies and transfer knowledge from other disciplines into climate and glacier research.


IDP M³OCCA is a collaboration between FAU Erlangen-Nürnberg, the Technical University of Munich, the Microwave Institute of the German Aerospace Center(DLR) in Oberpfaffenhofen and the Bavarian Academy of Sciences (BAdW) located in Munich. for its research, IDP M³OCCA will leverage on Bavaria’s existing long-term commitment via the super test site Vernagtferner in the Ötztal Alps run by Bavarian Academy of Sciences (BAdW).

In addition, we cooperate with the University of Innsbruck and its long-term observatory at Hintereisferner both located in the Ötztal Alps in Austria. At those super test sites, we will perform joint measurements, equipment tests, flight campaigns and cross-disciplinary trainings and exercises for our doctoral researchers. We will leverage on existing instrumentation, measurements and time series. As a consequence, several of the sub-projects require field activities on glacier sites.


IDP M³OCCA aims at educating emerging talents with an interdisciplinary vision as well as excellent technical and soft skills. It comprises nine doctoral positions funded directly from our program and eleven affiliated doctoral candidates. Our doctoral researchers will be guided by interdisciplinary, international teams comprising university professors, senior scientists and emerging talents from the participating universities and external research organizations.


Multidisciplinary research at MOCCA is oragnized into three fields