Qualification Program

Qualification Program

The qualification program is a central component of the IDP. Due to the interdisciplinary approach, it will start with more general introductions to related research topics by the principal investigators and will be based on input and demand by the doctoral students in a later stage.

The qualification program consists of:

  • Bi-weekly Research Seminar during 1st. and 2nd. term
  • Yearly IDP workshop (3-5 days, see events)
  • Multiple specific workshops on data management, scientific writing, and presentation techniques ….
  • Invited talks and guest scientists

“Present professionally” Workshop June 2024

This workshop covers the following topics:

  • Presentations today: The increased demands of the audience
  • Make the introduction to the presentation exciting
  • Make the central theme visible to the audience
  • Clearly emphasize the core message of the presentation
  • Give a lively presentation
  • Select media appropriately and use them skillfully
  • Involve the audience in the presentation

Basic Glacier Safety Workshop February 2024

Field season is approaching. Therefore, an internally organized workshop on basic glacier safety will be carried out. Experience IDP members will teach basic techniques to walk and work safely on a glacier to inexperienced members. This will serve as a starting point for further training

Academic Writing Workshop January 2024

A two-day workshop on to improve academic writing skills is organized in cooperation the the FAU Language Center and Writing Center. It will cover lectures, hands-on exercises and “guided writing” sessions

Research Seminar Winter Term 2023/24


Annual M3OCCA workshop 2023 in Obergurgl


Reseach Seminar Summer Term 2023


Publishing and Data management Workshop February 2023:

A two days workshop on scientific data and literature management as well as open access publishing and bibliometry is organized


Research Seminar Winter Term 2022/23:

A general overview of cryospheric science was provided starting from atmospheric drivers to glacier dynamics and in-situ measurements techniques as well as permafrost studies.