Invited talk on „Keeping track of change – Monitoring Antarctic calving front dynamics with earth observation and deep learning“

The Institute of Geography at FAU Erlangen-Nürnberg will host an invited talk by Dr. Celia Baumhoer (DLR/DFG Oberpfaffenhofen).

When: Wednesday, 14.06.2023, 12:30-14:00

Where: Seminar room, Wetterkreuz 15, 91058 Erlangen


The Antarctic coastline is constantly changing. Three-quarters of the coastline are fringed by ice shelves, the floating extensions of the Antarctic ice sheet. The retreat or disintegration of ice shelves with buttressing forces cause enhanced mass loss of the Antarctic ice sheet increasing global sea level rise.  Continuously tracking ice shelves is challenging because manual mapping cannot keep up with growing satellite archives and automated approaches fail due to the complexity of the Antarctic coastline. Recent advances in deep learning and easy access to high performance computing facilitated a fully-automated framework able to regularly monitor Antarctic ice shelf front dynamics. This presentation explores the unprecedented dense time series of calving front change providing new insights into ice shelf front dynamics and establishes links to ice dynamical and environmental controls on ice shelf extents.